Welcome buddy ,,

  I write it on this website as a medium for sharing the experiences of daily electronic services at our place. as a means of storing data and also a place for reference if there is a problem case that I am or you are working on, it can be helped by the existence of this little note.

  Even though it may only be available in Indonesian in the main., But I pinned the button to change your language in the upper right corner of the screen, so we hope this note can be shared throughout the country.

  Although it is limited because Google translate has not embed all of their languages.

  I am a technician for repairing electronic devices, and currently still working in a private company.  domiciled in Bekasi, although one day he plans to return to his homeland.

 Starting to have an interest in electronics while still in junior high school, at that time the first time I got to know was the 5 watt FM transmitter with friends and neighbors, even though at that time I did not understand at all because it was given by a friend.  and start curious about things about electronic components.

  At that time in difficult times, it made him increasingly struggling to understand the situation and tried to find alternative self-skills.  with any used electronic components that I got in the trash or used trash cans, I tried to learn to know each component and even at junior high school I got extra curricular on the basis of making a power supply regulator.

  With a bicycle pedaling from home to a junk shop of any kind, I chose to choose PCB for any electronic device if I could assemble it or transplant it into one another so that it could function again.

  From flip flop lights, regulators, amplifiers, radios, to televisions, I assembled them to function.

  Even though it seems complicated, there is a joy that has been achieved.

  Word of mouth ended up with the neighbors fixing the radio, tv, etc.  Until now, I'm still doing it besides working as a part-time.

  Keep doing what you want to achieve until you can achieve success ..

  Don't give up, you can do it even without going to school.  That is all and thank you.


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